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EXTRA_APPWIDGET_IDS,ids); send Broadcast(intent); int[] ids = App Widget Instance(get Application())App Widget Ids(new Component Name(get Application(), My Widget.class)); My Widget my Widget = new My Widget(); my Update(this, App Widget Instance(this),ids); int widget IDs[] = App Widget Instance(get Application())App Widget Ids(new Component Name(get Application(), Widget Provider.class)); for (int id : widget IDs) App Widget Instance(get Application()).notify App Widget View Data Changed(id, widget_view); } Context context = get Application Context(); App Widget Manager app Widget Manager = App Widget Instance(context); Component Name this Widget = new Component Name(context, Stack Widget Provider.class); int[] app Widget Ids = app Widget App Widget Ids(this Widget); app Widget Manager.notify App Widget View Data Changed(app Widget Ids, stack_view); val intent = Intent(this, My App Widget intent.action = App Widget Manager.ACTION_APPWIDGET_UPDATE val ids = App Widget Instance(application)App Widget Ids(Component Name(get Application Context(), My App Widget!! Configuration: I am observing the following behavior when I install the widget: In my Widget Provider class on on Receive is called then on Enabled then on Receive, then on Update.After that the widget displays and on Update is never called again.It's not related to a single widget, it's all of them.I haven't found a single one that updates at the moment.

The problem I am experiencing is that on Update is only being called once when I install the widget. Note: I will not leave update period at 20 secs as I know that would kill battery (just testing).

I have several widgets that should update regularly: chats, weather, Google Fit, call logs etc; and none of them is updating.

When I reboot my phone, it updates the widgets one time, and that's that. For example, I have the widget for Google Fit on my home screen, and it is still showing the status from a couple of days ago; when I rebooted my phone.

So the best solution for me was: This happened to me quite time ago.

Make sure you're not using Greenify or some other app to hibernate your apps.

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