College dating stories

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College dating stories

Anyways I explain he is cool and I knock beetles off my porch light for to eat and stuff she walks over to him, looks at me, like intense eye contact and proceeded to slowly stomp on my toad.Now at this point I was experiencing several emotions, shock, anger, rage.I recently started using Tinder and happened to get pretty damn lucky with the first girl I actually met up with. The second one called me the next day and accused me of drugging him at the bar. Took the long way home because I knew she was drunk.We met and got ice cream and did some making out and stuff the first time, and again another time, but the third time was quite a different story. This was especially weird because he left alone without even saying goodbye to me. She tried to prove she wasn’t by slapping herself and then saying “I’m not drunk, I see the three yellow lines in the road.Kinda weird, but whatever she seems weird so I just replied saying yeah she’s cool and whatever. Over the course of the next 2 hours, I received over 80 texts, about 10 calls and a couple VMs, all of her crying and saying I need to move in with her and her Dad because she’s suicidal and I needed to take care of her.I was blunt with her in saying no and this can’t go on anymore and to stop contacting me, but nothing changed.

It was the last gig before the place was getting torn down so we were all incredibly fucked up.She got there as me and my friends were drunkenly leaving to try and find some party.Too useless to find it, retreated home with the girl.We met up at a mall and just walked around and talked for about an hour, and I left. Over text she seemed pretty cool, but in person she was just…off, idk I can’t really explain it.Anyway, within 2min of me getting back in the car, she texted me wanting to know my real opinion on her now.

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I got Tinder about a month ago and met with my first live one last week. His first hook up was some really cute girl (showed me pics) that was somehow in the sports industry.