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Dark side of internet dating

Here are some horrifying experiences worth learning from. The ease at which internet took over our lives and the many rooms of comfort it created has added flavour and value to our lives, no doubt.

But, the internet is not all about a world of comfort, opportunities and enjoyment.

I definitely wasn’t drunk — I’d only had one beer — and it felt very different to that. I had to get the driver to take me to my mum’s so I could pay him.Apart from being a place to spend good time with distant family members, friends many distances away, catch up on the latest news, celebrity updates discussions and easy purchase of online goods, it is also a playground for deception, scam and other evil deeds.However, it is becoming clear that even as the internet boast of good opportunities and great social trends, it is also a haven for evil people to thrive.The internet is a place for all sorts of people, men and women who tell lies that can blind. HARUHI, who is a freelance computer programmer, lives in Glasgow.One man she met online tried to threaten her into making a porn film.

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MUM-OF-TWO Becky, a shop assistant from Bridlington, East Yorks, was stalked by a man she met on Badoo.

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