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Men and women from all backgrounds are equally likely to develop bipolar disorder.The pattern of mood swings in bipolar disorder varies widely between people.Not feeling like eating or sleeping, talking quickly and becoming annoyed easily are also common characteristics of this phase.You may feel very creative and view the manic phase of bipolar as a positive experience.However, you may also experience symptoms of psychosis, where you see or hear things that aren't there or become convinced of things that aren't true.The high and low phases of bipolar disorder are often so extreme that they interfere with everyday life.Symptoms of bipolar disorder depend on which mood you're experiencing.

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The following treatment options are available: It's thought using a combination of different treatment methods is the best way to control bipolar disorder.

Help and advice for people with a long-term condition or their carers is also available from charities, support groups and associations.

If you're feeling suicidal or having severe depressive symptoms, contact your GP, care co-ordinator or local mental health emergency services as soon as possible.

If you want to talk to someone confidentially, call the Samaritans, free of charge, on 116 123.

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Bipolar disorder is fairly common and one in every 100 adults will be diagnosed with the condition at some point in their life.