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Dating owens illinois glass

It moved to a new location across the river at Covington, Kentucky, within a few years. Two reasons determined the selection of Muncie for the site of the new factory: One was because of the Ohio River, which flooded the factory site in Cincinnati nearly every spring, and the other was the abundant supply of natural gas in this section at that time which could be used for fuel to furnish heat for producing the glass. Aerial View of Owens-Illinois Plant Looking Eastward.

It is said that at this time enough gas could be bought to run a glass smelting furnace for a year for about six hundred dollars. The plant was located on Macedonia Avenue between Ninth and Tenth Streets.

The two companies merged in 1929, and the new business concern was called the Owens-Illinois Glass Company.

We are most concerned, of course, with the branch of the company which is located in Muncie.

The problems of modern life are so many and so great that children cannot learn all that should be known of their immediate environment from direct experiencing.

It, therefore, becomes the business of the school to collect, to organize and to present the neecssary[sic] facts to develop in the child a clear understanding and appreciation of the life of his native city.

When we stop to think about it, glass has a far more important place in our daily lives even now, than most people know.

The teacher who attempts to interpret the community to his classes soon discovers the distressing dearth of materials and descriptions from which a child can easily obtain an accurate picture of the life and activities surrounding him.The magic and mystery of glass is shrouded in the myths of the past.Glass was known before the emergence of recorded history.To understand its history, we must go back and find out about still another glass company.The Hemingray Glass Company was organized in Cincinnati, --7-- Ohio, in the year 1848.

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Precious ornaments and valued trinkets made from glass are often found in the tombs of ancient peoples.

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