Dating site weirdos

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I even got malware from the site which redirected my homepage to the Mingle 2 log in page. woman who lives in USA but whose future is in France (which is true I will be retiring to France). Out of three French men two professed love very soon and asked for money within 1-2 months, the third is yet to be discovered (been on Hangouts for 2 weeks, promised a video chat as soon as he fixes his phone, red flag already). I have PM's some girls, but there white girls and the are looking for money. And after she told me she need some money I blocked her en she scold me out. all young and beautiful photos but ironically not a single one uses social media to verify them.

I suspect the website owners themselves infected my browser with it. Mingles became worse than it was back in 2015, its a pit of scammers. All of them right away asked for money and gratuity. Mingle 2 isnt a good site and very rude and bad and will tell you why? I did tried it again and again a other white girl looks for money and sent me a fake ID-card those white girls are between 18 till 35 years too bad. try to sucker you with pretty young women photos so guys upgrade to see if they "matched" with them. Borderline fraudulent To many men who lie to women on this site.

You can check on Google regarding Hookup ID and Meetup ID scam.

If you don't trust me then try to verify on given link by the lady and then check your credit card statement.

Is it not better and more memorable to the consumer to see EFS on the side of a truck or billboard than for example Electronic Filing Services?

Three letter dot coms are some of the most in demand domain names on the internet as they are highly prized for use as an abbreviation of a company name or as a memorable name for a business.

These Scammers use other folks' photos, which are easily discovered thru Google Picture search and other search engines.

the Scammers use all the well established practices of a scammer : terrible grammar skills, wanting your cell phone number, trying to get you to delete your account right a way. With We Just Fit I had a date in my first month and although I know that's unusual, I still think that after 2 months I should be moving offline more.

this has to be the worst online dating site I've come across.

Honestly 99.99999% of all profiles on Mingle2are scammers.

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