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Fake Levis certainly have different levels of quality, some are extremely easy to spot, others are of a higher quality and the counterfeiters have put more effort into the product.We look at to the following to determine whether jeans are fake.All Levi’s jeans, the All-American garment, are now made overseas.

The line was called “Lady Levis.” In 2002, Levi’s announced that they would cease all US production of their jeans, ending what was probably the longest production of a product in the United States.

The next feature we take a look at is the rear patch.

Though the patch has evolved over time there are few features we look for which clearly suggest fake jeans.

It was they who, in 1906, rebuilt the company after the company buildings were destroyed in the fires that followed the San Francisco Earthquake.

During the 1930s, Levi Strauss & Co worked out a plan so that they could keep their workers employed through the Depression.

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