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Gene kelly dating

Much has been written about Grace Kelly, aka Princess Grace of Monaco, and the temptation has often been to rip off the cool covers of her beauty to reveal the hot-blooded creature beneath.

It is a very male fantasy to have a woman who looks like an angel and behaves like a tramp and Kelly appears to be the perfect example.

Her mother Margaret was of an aristocratic German family who had fallen on hard times. From an early age, it was clear that Peggy was the preferred child .

Margaret gave birth to four children, oldest child Peggy, son Jack, known as Kell, Grace and Lizanne. Nothing was expected of Grace, she was the forgotten child.

Many of the more lurid stories about her sex life should be regarded with some scepticism, if only because of these screen manifestations.See more » Richard Egan's character is first introduced and billed as Lt.Parker (and wears a single rank bar on his uniform), yet when Captain Eliot is speaking with Colonel Terry, he is introduced as Captain Parker.See full summary » 1947: Captain Jeff Eliott returns to Germany to thank the Lehrt family, who hid him during WW-II when his plane was shot down over Munich.However he learns that the parents died when their house was bombed, only their daughter Wilhelmina, now 18, is still alive.

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