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Clearly it was not just a race, but a skills challenge, with not only riding skills but maintenance skills involved as well!In later years, "Merit" or "Tour" awards supplanted the Perfect Score award.

For the most recent, current version of this webpage, please visit: (The Gypsies) During parades and rides of the pre-World War 1 period , this flag (17"x8" with a 2' pole) was mounted on the handlebars of early Harleys and Indians.

For Laconia, 1917 was considered the "First Annual" Gypsy Tour, even though an informal, unofficial gathering the year before had preceded it. The rally came to be known as the New England Gypsy Tour. Clair's and Jennifer Anderson's book, Laconia Motorcycle Week, Arcadia publishing, 2008.

The same photo, cropped, is seen below in a July 12, 1917 issue of the Motorcycle and Bicycle Illustrated magazine.

As the amount of metal and workmanship in the award declined, from elaborate belt buckles and watch fobs, to simpler, less expensive items like patches and pins, the awards became souvenirs, sold to anyone with the cash.

The FAM logo sported the FAM initials surrounding a 4-pointed star at the hub of a winged, flying wheel, and topped by a cylinder head.

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Second— To give the general public a convincing demonstration of the practical transportation and pleasure possibilities of the motorcycle.

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