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International canadian united states latin american dating

The procedure for takeout (even from what is otherwise a sit-down restaurant) or at a cafeteria-style eatery is inherently self-service, therefore tipping is not necessary.Some eateries, mostly in the fast-casual sector, will have a "tip jar" at the checkout station, but tipping in that scenario is purely optional, and you won't be expected to contribute much more than the coins you're handed back as change.While fast food as a concept — or, indeed, many of its components — are by no means American inventions (French fries were invented in Belgium, while hot dogs and hamburgers have German roots), American chain restaurants have undoubtedly perfected and globalized this style of food.As is so often the case with local cuisines, the best examples of fast food are found where they were developed: in North America.While some chains are available almost everywhere, others are highly localized even within the U. and may only have restaurants in small parts of the country or a handful of states (for example, White Castle in the Midwest and the New York City area, Krystal in the South, and In-N-Out Burger on the West Coast).Even today, some fast food restaurants are owned by a single family and only present in one place, with no intent to form franchises elsewhere or expand.

This Spotlight offers in one accessible resource the most current data available about the nearly 44 million immigrants living in the United States in 2016. Click on the bullet points for more information on each topic: Definitions "Foreign born" and "immigrant" are used interchangeably and refer to persons with no U. Geographical regions: MPI follows the definition of Latin America as put forth by the United Nations and the U. Census Bureau, which spans Central America (including Mexico), the Caribbean, and South America."Street food" has been a staple of civilization dating back millennia, to the dawn of cities and personal commerce, but it was only in North America that the mass-produced, quickly prepared meal moved indoors and was refined into the modern, efficient fast food restaurant of today, allowed through the industrialization of the United States, the rise of automobile travel and the colonization of the "Wild West".While it is often scoffed at by health advocates and gourmands on the one hand and by locavores, traditionalists, and promoters of local cuisines on the other, fast food is today often seen as the quintessentially American food.S., ideally more like 20-25%) might as well be mandatory for most sit-down restaurants, but the rules for fast food places are different and a bit more complicated.The key thing to remember is that tipping is associated with table service, which few if any of the restaurants listed in this article provide.

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In the early days of Mc Donald's, founding father Ray Kroc famously forbade his company from ever selling hot dogs (he considered them unsanitary), setting a trend in the world of North American fast food that largely continues to this day: leaving aside a few halfhearted incursions into the genre from the likes of Sonic, Checkers/Rally's, and most recently Burger King, hot dogs are noticeably hard to find in the big chains, especially compared to the ubiquitous hamburger. Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is known all over the world.

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