Intimidating body posture

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Intimidating body posture

Dominant people will not accept this behavior in return.When two people meet for the first time, especially when both parties are male, a display of alpha male dominant behavior can usually be witnessed.It might not be as dramatic as a peacock’s tail, but these everyday dominant behaviors can be spotted everywhere: 1.The handshake The dominant individual will firmly place their hand on top with their palm facing down.” The answers that I came up with, and that were supplemented by my readings, are going to be what I focus on for the remainder of this piece.Slouching is not only bad for your physical body – creating aches and pains in the back, headaches and strained muscles in the neck – it is also bad for your image.

The exception, of course, is when you’re shaking the hand of a superior – in this case, wait until the other person has begun to retract their hand, as a sign of respect.Standing upright can make individuals less sensitive to pain (Bohns and Wiltermuth, 2012) and taking a ‘power stance’ with the legs slightly apart affects our hormone levels (Carney, Cuddy and Yap, 2010).Lately, I’ve taken quite an interest in human behavior.In humans, aggression can be shown by placing the hands on the hips, standing tall at maximum height and positioning themselves in close proximity to those they want to intimidate. Facial expression The face highlights many features of dominance including frowning, pursing the lips, sustained direct eye contact and holding the head still when listening and talking. Leading Dominant people will lead from the front, often going through doors before others and walking ahead of the crowd. Touching Freely touching other people in a non-emotional way (like a firm pat on the back) is another sign of dominance.In this case, the dominant male or female is showing superiority by choosing who is to be honored by their display of endorsement.

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Whether you’re trying to get the attention of a romantic interest or trying to score that promotion, your posture plays a significant role in how others view your attitude and other competencies.