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Yet you can still feel them all, just like listening to a piece by Brahms you can hear the single instruments but it is the whole composition that gives you feelings you never explored before, every single time.

You see, if this composition were shouty, in-your-face like most contemporary, market-led perfumes, it just wouldn't work.

This starts out quite soft and actually becomes more potent and floral over time.

It did already smell like body odour but with time it only got worse. This is a pleasant citrusy-floral fragrance with some underlying woody and musky notes.

On me, the dominant note is the grapefruit and I don’t pick up much of the lemon for some reason.

It isn’t sweet and there isn’t any of that “eau de cleaning product” vibe that can be detected in some citrus fragrances.

But Jour d'hermes is so well blended that the overall impression is a very wearable white floral and it can be hard to pick out notes. I think this would be a good introduction to white florals for people having trouble getting used to them.

This fragrance manages to be modern and youthful, while also being very memorable and mature. The only downside is longevity, which is about 4 to 5 hours on me. A note on the Parfum: I got a really good deal on a bottle of parfum in the flacon and it is slightly richer than the EDP, but overall I think the spray is a much better option.

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I’m also thinking that this chilly, dreary, winter day isn’t the best time for it and I’ll save the rest of the vial for warmer weather.

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