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So Dana threw the roommate out, and the male model took her place. Tinder and its competitors — apps like Loveflutter, which bills itself as an “anti-Tinder” for the quirky, and Hinge, which seeks to connect people who are friends, and friends of friends, on Facebook — don’t collect a lot of personal information on their users; detailed profiles aren’t the point.Now the two of them live together: cooking meals, doing laundry, watching Netflix, occasionally sharing the same bed. “And he went, ‘Oh, she left.’ ”When Dana asked why she had left, she said her roommate answered, “‘Because I asked if you could join us and it kind of freaked her out.’ ”As she finished this account, Dana got a text. Tinder is the perfect social lubricant for the tech-savvy, upwardly mobile cohort of 20-somethings in New York. But from the data that they do collect, it is possible to say that most New Yorkers who date on mobile apps are well-educated, slightly more are male than female, are mainly from Brooklyn and Manhattan, and are overwhelmingly between 18 and 34.Imitators have added their own twists: Down lets you identify Facebook friends you think are attractive; Zoosk learns your preferences and shows profiles similar to ones you’ve previously liked; Happn zeros in on people you’ve crossed paths with in the past. According to the company, there are now about one million Tinder users in New York, the largest market in the country (Los Angeles is second).The app’s popularity is based on two chief aspects of its software.My acquaintance, Dana, who is 25 and works in public relations, is an enthusiastic, some might say obsessive, user of the dating app Tinder.She, like her friends, will often spend hours blithely swiping through its gallery of digitized faces — at work, at home, even in busy pickup bars. Except for ordering their drinks, none of the people I was with that night spoke to any other actual human beings.

Each of them had six or seven Tinder chats going simultaneously.

Sitting in her handsome Brooklyn duplex, Dana shared a classic New York Tinder tale.

A couple of months ago, she met a man on the app and slept with him a few times just before she went on vacation.

There was the bearded Brooklyn user who rarely goes on dates yet chats with his matches, chastely, often for weeks on end.

There was the Wall Street user who slavishly served a match by folding her laundry and picking up her groceries.

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When she sent Andrew a suggestive eye emoji and he failed to respond, she dropped him in frustration, clicking over to the profile of Mark, a man with a mustache, who, she soon determined, was actually a better match for Dana. While the app has been blamed for devaluing romance and turning the search for love (or at least a nearby body) into a Ritalin-paced video game, it is probably more accurate to say that it has not fundamentally changed the local dating scene so much as quickened and coarsened its already abrupt, aggressive nature.