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But I’m grateful to have learned that there’s not only one way to go about healthy Christian dating relationships.

There is, however, one God, and His ways are perfect. We rest fully on His promises to guide us and protect our kids.

Pray continuously for guidance and discernment and God will show you the right things for you and your family.

You have to decide what is best for you and your children and stand tough!

Instead, I’ll jump to the biggest lesson I have learned after eight years of being a mom to teenage boys: Can you believe that? (If you don’t believe me, look at the variety of relationships in the Bible and consider the various dating stories told by Christians who have healthy marriages.) I’m so grateful that I understand better now that every person is different, every situation is different, and let me also say this: I am very thankful that we didn’t stick with our original plan and insist that our sons stay away from girls until we kicked them out the door and they were suddenly navigating all of life on their own. Have fun at college, where for the first time you will be responsible for keeping your own schedule, managing your money, taking hard classes, making thousands of fairly difficult decisions every day, and dating girls for the first time.” Because relationships. I’ll double over in fear and be sickened with panic over my sons’ relationships and thoughts of their future unless I fully embrace the truth that God is at work in them and for them and He has already won victory over the enemy. Do not freak out when your child begins to show an interest in someone. But when he shares, “Our conversations are always meaningful” or “She is really nice to everyone” or “She is godly and servant-hearted” I know he’s given thought to what really matters. We’ve found that if we are critical or harsh about any of our sons’ decisions or feelings, they quickly shut down and mute all communication with us. Sometimes this can’t be helped, because oh my goodness, the sweetness.

Therefore, Matt and I learned about two days into parenting teenagers that our perfect, lovely, and simple “don’t worry about dating or relationships until you’re old enough to think about getting married” plan might only be a good idea on paper.

They may wish to have a different number of sessions, or different topics for some of the sessions.

Resources are presented so that trainers can include additional information or substitute information as desired.

The guy has already turned 16 and is beginning to drive some. I think 16 is a good age, especially if they have both shown themselves to be trustworthy.

My question is when is it ok to let them go out together and actually date?

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My daughter who is now 21 and out on her own still says she prefers group outings to one on one dating.

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