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This urban plan included the world's first urban sanitation systems.

The Indus Valley Civilization in Asia shows early evidence of public water supply and sanitation. In Lothal all houses had their own private toilet which was connected to a covered sewer network constructed of brickwork held together with a gypsum-based mortar that emptied either into the surrounding water bodies or alternatively into cesspits, the latter of which were regularly emptied and cleaned.Throughout history, people have devised systems to make getting water into their communities and households, and disposing (and later also treating) wastewater more convenient.The historical focus of sewage treatment was on the conveyance of raw sewage to a natural body of water, e.g.The attorney who represented her at her arraignment did not return a call seeking comment. i dont no Im scared...someday u will find me dead because its cuz of kaski ...He told investigators the couple was attacked by a combination of black and white males who shouted ethnic slurs, authorities said.

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She was being held without bail at a women's prison there at press time.