Updating dd214

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Private sector employers may also require job applicants to provide a DD 214 as proof of military service.In addition, funeral directors typically require a DD 214 to show a deceased person’s eligibility for burial in a VA cemetery with provision of military honors.

Be sure to download and complete BOTH SIDES of the SF-180.These are the Separation Designator/Separation Justification (abbreviated as SPD/SJC) Codes and Reenlistment Eligibility (RE) Codes.The DD 214 is typically required by the Department of Veterans Affairs to grant veterans benefits.NOTE: Some records (Navy and Marine Corps enlisted personnel pre-1939) are in the process of being accessioned into the National Archives' collection and are no longer considered part of the NPRC, but are now part of the new Archival Programs Division.Standard reproduction charges may apply for copies of these documents.

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The back of the form contains important mailing addresses and instructions.

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