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Note that this runs without an exception, but just doesn't change the data in the table. :) Dim obj Conn As Sql Connection = New Sql Connection("Data Source=DALLAS\; Initial Catalog=Adaptive; Integrated Security=True") Dim select CMD As Sql Command = New Sql Command("SELECT * from dwbprocref", obj Conn) select CMD. Command Timeout = 30 Dim cust DA As Sql Data Adapter = New Sql Data Adapter cust DA. Rows 'get the rows in the target that match to the current source table row taxnid [colname] = Txn ID Dim o Rows In Target As Data Row() = o Dt Target. Count "Regular" Then 'perform our update 'you have thematching Txn Id in dr("Txn ID") 'I think you can configure an insert and update statment on the Ole adapter connected to access 'EXEC UPDATE ON THE ADAPTER Else If o Rows In Target.I'm new to and having quite a challenge with updating a field in a table using the For... Sample code below - can anyone tell me what I'm missing?I have a form with a textbox for the user to enter a default folder path. It executes without an error, but the default path is not entered into the tbl Settings Table.I want the default folder path to be entered into a table called tbl Settings Table. For example, the code is supposed to enter something like: "C:\Users\rkvjr\Documents\Backups\" in the first row and in the column labeled "Default Path" in the tbl Settings Table. Tables("tbl Settings Tabl.) event, but I got an error message that says: Apply Updates is not a member of 'Dataset' I also tried ds. It executed without an error, but when I open the Table called tbl Settings Table the Default Path column is blank.

I am relatively new to programming so this may seem like a trivial question, but here goes. I know in times past if I called info from a db I just wrote to I would get old data, since the computer was still writing to it.

The first step is to update the dataset with new records, changed records, or deleted records.

If your application never sends those changes back to the data source, then you are finished with the update.

However, you can also use different adapters, for example, to move data from one data source to another or to update multiple data sources.

If you aren't using data binding, and are saving changes for related tables, you have to manually instantiate a variable of the auto-generated Table Adapter Manager class, and then call its Udpate All method.

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Its pretty basic but any help would be greatly appreciated Private Sub cmd Edit Supplier_Click(By Val sender As System. As it happens, I managed to find a little code snippet that worked perfectly.