Who is mandy murders dating are billy corgan and tila tequila dating

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Who is mandy murders dating

The obvious thing to have done would have been simply to print out the various documents direct from HOLMES.But, instead and for unexplained reasons, an officer copied and pasted the text of each one into Notepad, a common Microsoft app. There is a big difference between HOLMES and Notepad.The text of HOLMES files cannot be changed, once data has been entered.However, as with any word processing programme, Notepad files can be altered.It rapidly emerged that bisexual Mandy’s sometime lover was a former woman police sergeant married to another, male, police officer – who was himself the identical twin brother of a local police inspector who had gone on a mysterious ‘lone patrol’ on the night of the murders and was the first senior officer at the bloody scene the next morning.Then, sensationally, all three police officers were arrested and repeatedly interviewed – Mandy’s lover and her husband on suspicion of murder and his twin for allegedly trying to pervert the course of justice.He was carrying a gold neck chain; it had a broken clasp and he was planning to get it fixed at the local jewellers.According to him, she invited him back to her house to have sex, but he forgot to collect the chain when he left.

By the time of Mandy’s death, Alison Lewis had left the force on grounds of stress but continued her career as a Welsh rugby star.One document in particular had been severely edited, so that in the later, Notepad version, its original, apparently significant, meaning was totally obscured.The edited version of what was known as ‘Action 92’ – a logged record of an earlier ‘message’, known as ‘Message 23’ – said merely that there was a ‘source of information stating that Mandy Power [was] being threatened’.In part, it read like the original – except it removed all references to Mandy’s affair and Stephen Lewis.The other key breakthrough comes in documents showing that scientists found DNA from an unknown man on the murder weapon, on two spent matches used to start the fires and on the clothes worn by Mandy when she was killed. None of it has ever been matched to the convicted killer. In fact, there is no forensic evidence that links him to the crime at all.

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Hospital nurse Mandy Power had been divorced for two years and was on good terms with her former husband Michael Power.

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