Are andy samberg and rashida jones dating

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It’s not easy to dislike Jones once you’ve seen her on screen, and even less so once you’ve met her.

I think I had this weird intimidation; I had a lot of [college] friends, who, [when they] got out of school were writers—that’s what they were, everybody treated them as such.They’re both really smart, really supportive, and gave us tremendous notes. BROWN: Can you really be friends with someone that you were so deeply connected with? But, it’s not something I aspire to do with every film, I’m not gunning to be a lead, I just feel like this was the right time to do it and maybe there’ll be another time in the future. I just started thinking about whether I want to direct, and also Lee did such a fantastic job and I have such a reverence for directors.Then we sent it to Jennifer Todd, who produced the movie. I think they’ll be good friends, [but] I don’t think they could ever get back that thing, the timing was so wrong so many times that, I think eventually, you realize in order to grow at all you have to be with somebody else. JONES: I do—I think it will inherently always be complicated, and I think that you need a brief respite from the relationship; I don’t think you can do what Celeste and Jesse tried to do—can’t just seamlessly transition into friendship. And when I got on set, even though I co-wrote it, I was not a writer, I just kind of handed myself over to him.He was sort of a little aimless pink cloud, poetic, romantic. Then we became best friends, and we spent every day together.BROWN: Was his sister like, “Hey, way to shove me out”?

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I wasn’t one of those people, and I didn’t quite know how to be one of those people.

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